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We were asked to create a scheme for two young men that shared a 2 bed flat on a community for adults with learning disabilities. They wanted a more comfortable environment, as the flat lacked warmth, the kitchen was oversized, and the living, eating and cooking areas were not defined.

In the bathroom, we were able to keep costs down by retaining the layout, but were able to make a much bigger shower area for the boys.

The brief was to bring some colour and texture into the scheme, keeping it light, and to use more natural materials such as real wood flooring, to reduce the size of kitchen and dining, and add comfortable furniture, making it a more cosy environment to enjoy in the lovely surrounded wooded area.

The boys were involved in the process, choosing colours, carpets for their bedrooms, and fabrics, and the project was a joy for us to undertake. We completed the refurbishment in 4 weeks.

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