How to restore a Victorian fireplace...

Look what we've just uncovered! … a stunning Victorian fireplace!

With a little TLC this original Victorian fireplace will gleam like new, setting hearts alight.

The detail is incredible, I just love it! I have decided it will take pride of place in the master bedroom; with the modern fittings I’ve chosen, it will work beautifully. Trust me, it doesn’t look like much here, covered in years of paint, dust and coupled with a very well worn and dated flowery carpet, but for a minimal cost and a little elbow grease, it could be lovingly restored and its value increased anything up to £1,000!

My advice: don’t be afraid to mix it up, the old and the new can work so well together!

Here’s how to restore a Victorian fireplace...

Apply paint stripper with an old brush (check instructions on the packet first as brands differ). Once the paint has dissolved, wipe off residue with a stripping knife and a bit of kitchen roll and that’s it! 

Top Tip: Don’t use any water as it will rust!! A bit of white spirit on steel wool will deal with those stubborn remaining bits of sticky paint. The more detail on the fireplace, the more work it will be to get to the grooves, but very satisfying!

Or for the cost of around £75, and a couple of days in a workshop, a local sandblaster will save you the mess and give you the perfect finish, but take heed, whichever method you decide to use, do not let it dry completely, as it will go rusty super-fast!

A bit of boot polish is all you need to avoid it and make it sparkle!

Contact me for further advice or details of local companies that can carry out this for you.

Lisa Gershinson