Recycle... upcycle.. change the cycle!!

We can help save the planet and still create a loving home!

I’ve spent many a day considering this issue… we are living in this linear economy (myself included) with our heads buried in the sand… a “take, make and dispose model of production… without giving it a second thought… the council empty our bins every other Friday and then it’s forgotten…

Stop for a second and imagine how things might look when our children are our age, if we don’t address this issue. How long will it be before we run out of space to put our trash? I don’t mean to stand on my soap box, but sustainability is an issue that we need to consider, a circular economy, a system in which we can extract the maximum value from our resources, regenerate and minimise waste, emission and energy leakage

Ask yourself… can we use things for longer, can we upcycle? Can we fix things rather than replacing them?  One man’s rubbish is another man’s treasure, and there is quite literally nothing that can’t be recycled or upcycled for little time or money! I just blogged about a gorgeous Victorian fireplace i found behind a panel (granted this doesn’t happen every day…) but I’m proud to say it is now back on the wall like new, along with two wooden bedside tables that i bought at a flea market, the whole thing cost me under £20 and they look amazing!

If you have time, rather than tipping, give away your unwanteds (or even better, sell!) takes just a few minutes on gumtree or freecycle!  If each and every one of use made a concerted effort to do this, can you only imagine the knock on effect to our planet with seven and a half billion people in the world!  ..just saying!

So I’m going to be looking at sustainability in our homes, and how we can be good the planet and still create a loving home … thanks for listening!

Lisa Gershinson