Is snagging inevitable?

It’s been an exciting yet challenging time, trying to bring this refurb to a close.


I counted 37 different tradesmen that worked on this project, from brick layers to labourers, chippies to window fitters, plumbers to renderers, and I’m delighted!  However I am now faced with the task of getting those annoying bits of snagging sorted (Yep even I couldn’t avoid it! ... probably nobody but me would even notice, but they are there nevertheless, like a mild tooth ache when my OCD kicks in!

If you want to avoid the stray tradesman that disappears into the sunset when their job is done, with a distant promise to return and address your snagging list, then it may benefit you to pay someone to be accountable; a building firm or project manager that will oversee things from beginning to end.   Truth is any tradesmen worth their weight are in demand these days, and move onto other jobs super fast, where sadly for a while, they are no longer accountable to you, so check every detail of their work with a fine tooth comb before they leave you!

It’s up to you whether you choose to increase your labour costs for peace of mind, and let your third party shield you from fire-fighting while you sip on tequila or whether you roll up your sleeves and tough it out to the end, but this is not for the faint hearted!

When all is said and done, at the end, look at your glass half full! Pat yourself on the back for a job well done! Try to overlook the little outstanding jobs, instead look at the big picture and enjoy your new surroundings! Now when I look out my french doors at the new landscape, the giant prefab garage that once sprawled across my garden is a distant memory, along with the inside toilet that once blocked my view,.. so I don’t feel so bad!

Finally one more little tip for you… Don’t forget to budget for cakes! hand them out to all your team on a Friday, a happy refurb can often be down to the small things!

Lisa x

Lisa Gershinson