My sustainable garden?! Now you see it now you don’t!  

I’ve never been happier than the day I said goodbye to my Marley garage! That oversized prefab building had its advantages of course, providing heaps of storage. But if there’s space available, you’ll find things to put in it, and hoarding is never a good idea! 

So I replaced it with a small shed and opted for a superior outside space, and when the time came, I de-cluttered and recycled! I offered the garage on gumtree for free to anyone that could take it away.  This proved to be a double whammy as I saved myself the cost of disposing of it, and provided a new home for my recipient’s motor cycles at the same time! Win win for him, me and the environment I’d say!  (It could have cost over £1,000 to get rid of it if the roof or structure had any asbestos in it!)

I’m now delighted with my new garden, which offers a far better view when looking out from the kitchen… just need to wait for summer to arrive to get planting, and get the bbq going and enjoy my new improved outside space!

Lisa Gershinson