What Indoor Plants?

What Indoor Plants?

If you are anything like me you will know how to kill off a plant really quickly! As much as i love to accessorise a room with natural greenery and flowers, it looks even worse when wilting or drying up… so my suggestions are these!

Orchids: they look fab for a while but then you wake up one day and all the petals are on the floor and you are left with just a long stem to remind you of its better days… and they can take months to grow back! If you are going to keep them, make sure you don’t over water, in fact an ice cube once a week is the perfect solution to keeping them alive! And they love a bright sunny spot on the window sill!

The following 3 plants are on my “easy to keep alive” list!

  • Rubber trees, keep them trimmed, they can grow into trees!
  • Snake plants – they tolerate neglect! But don’t overwater they are prone to root rot!
  • Succulents – love how these look, they love a sunny spot, but don’t overwater them!

The following plants are on my “clean indoor air” list!

  • Aloe Vera – Known for removing formaldehyde from their air, and if you get a burn or sting, you can simply squeeze the sap to ease the pain!
  • Bamboo Palm – cleans the air and also acts as a natural dehumidifier!
  • Chinese evergreen – emits high oxygen content and purifies the air!
Lisa Gershinson