How do I reduce the amount of cleaning?


How do I reduce the amount of cleaning I have to do!

Studies show that the average six room home collects 40lbs of dust each year!

Clean with microfiber products! They attract and hold dust unlike dry rags and feather dusters, they will also save you money over disposable brands because you can use them over and over again!

Don’t use bleach or fabric softener, which degrades the fibres and reduces their ability to attract and hold dust.

Keep the clutter to a minimum! Empty(ish) surfaces are quicker to clean! if you’re a collector of antiques, statues or the like, you will find yourself doubling the amount of cleaning you have to do! If you are that collector, then find yourself an enclosed cabinet with a glass front as dust won’t get inside as quickly but you’ll still be able to look!

Get the kids to put their own plates away! I can’t tell you how often i have to yell at my son who leaves food, wrappers, and plates on the table at the end of a meal! Teach them early to use the dishwasher if you have one, or at least load the sink so that the plates are out of sight!

Dust Allergy? Box or bag items which will cut down on dust from clothes shedding fibres. Clear plastic containers are best! They lock fibres in and dust out and let you see what is inside and they are easy to wipe clean.

Keep bags over your winter coats in summer!

Keep closet floors clear, if the floor is cluttered chances are you will just bypass it while vacuuming, wide open floor adds only seconds to the vacuuming chore!

Lisa Gershinson