What Colours Shall I Use For a Dark/North Facing Room?

What Colours Shall I Use For a Dark/North Facing Room?

Sadly we can’t help you change the light, a north facing room is what it is. North facing light is cool, so use warm undertones. Cool colours can look dingy if you get them wrong. Stark white is also likely to look grey and dingy.

The upside is that north facing rooms don’t have the glare of the morning or the heat of the afternoon sun. It’s calmer, quieter light. You can go dark, and dramatic, using colours with strong pigment, or go light open and airy. Try Benjamin Moore’s Crystal Blue.

Dark colours make a north facing room look bigger and you really can paint a dim room a dark colour. Darker rooms can take a lot of pigment, so you can get dramatic! Call us for more suggestions…

Scandinavians use a lot of grey in a cool environment. Donald Kaufman’s Soft Grey is warm with a slight celadon tint to it, looks great on painted furniture. Throw in a woolly Moroccan rug for texture.

If you’re not getting a lot of sunlight, create warmth with pinks, Benjamin Moore’s Elephant Pink will help you achieve this! Looks like bubble gum on the walls. Soft yellow is warm and doesn’t give you a jolt yet helps you forget there are grey clouds outside.

Lisa Gershinson